CharmFlex® Heavy in Tube Impression Materials [50 ml]

CharmFlex® Heavy” is a hydrophyl vinyl polysiloxane based Basic Impression Material (Heavy Body)....

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10 945 FT

CharmFlex® Heavy - Hydrophyl Vinyl Polysiloxane based First Impression Material


CharmFlex® Heavy is hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane impression materials type of Heavy-bodies. It is used for the one-step taking of whole teeth or individual to oth with CharmFlex® Light (Light body). It is used with Light-body to take precise impression taking.



  • First impression material for inlayonlay, C Rown Bridge, full mouth (used with Light body)

  • Perfectly hydrophyl.

  • No gas. No bubbles.

  • Very fine detail accuracy.

  • Homogenous, bubble free.

  • Excellent hydrophylic material which able to make very fine impression mode.

  • The lowest deformation is able to make the reproduction of plaster mode.

  • Stripping: in 160 ml tube.



  • Impression taking of Tray Base.

  • Impression taking of Whole teeth/Individual tooth .

  • Impression taking of C Rown Bridge, inlay, onlay and full mouth.

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