Fényre kötő Bracket ragasztó

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HighQBond Bracket Adhesive


Light Cure Bracket Adhesive


1. Clean teeth with plain pumice using a rotating bristle brush or rubber cup.

2. Rinse  and  air-dry.

3. Etch for 20 seconds using Q-ETCH or any other 36-38% phosphoric acid etching gel. Rinse and air-dry.

4. Isolate the bonded surfaces.

5. Apply a thin uniform layer of Hlgh-Q-Bond Primer on the etched enamel surface. Gently spread the Primer by use of air! Do Not rinse

If desired, using a conventional halogen curing light   or   an  LED light, polymerize the Primer.

Curing the Primer is not mandatory. The  primed surfaces should have a glossy appearance.

NOTE: Do not remove Primer with the high power suction!

6. Apply small amount of Hlgh-Q-Bond Adhesive on bracket base. Adhesive should be added to one bracket at a time.

7. Press bracket to tooth with a  slight rotating motion. Final bracket adjustment must be made before Adhesive begins to cure from the ambient light  approximately  60 sec.).

a. Light cure entire bonded tooth surface  for 20

seconds from two opposite directions.

9. When bonding to Porcelain, the    bonded Porcelain surface should be etched tor 60 seconds  with Porcelain  Etch, rinsed, dried thoroughly  and  primed with a Porcelain Silane.

Please follow the instructions in the Porcelain Fix kit available separately. After removing residual Silane with a  vigorous blast of oil free air, continue with  step 5.


Bond metal  and  ceramic brackets to  tooth surfaces. Uses light cure  adhesive technology  to provide you with additional working time to ensure accurate bracket placement.

Small particle glass filled material designed specifically  for orthodontic use that  allows maximum penetration of filler into the finest  screen mesh base. Releases  Fluoride.

Contains the adhesive promoter 4-Meta, for  strong reliable chemical bonding with tooth, metal and porcelain  surfaces.


Refrigeration will increase viscosity, making syringing more difficult, and will retard setting time.

Contains polymerizable monomers, which may cause allergic contact dermatitis in susceptible persons. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after contact. If skin sensitization occurs, or if known allergy to methacrylate  resin exists, discontinue use.



Do not expose to temperature exceeding 24C/ 759F. Do  not expose to direct sunlight.

Refrigerate for maximum shelf life. Do not freeze.

Shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture.















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