WOW Önzáró Kerámia Átlátszó Fogszabályzó

Önzáró Kerámia Fogszabályzó 20db Roth

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67 953 FT

77 953 FT

-10 000 FT

- Maximized reduction of friction allows efficiency in moving teeth.

- By applying the RBC(Round Ball Contact) engineering method on the specialized Clip for the first time in the world, was able to minimize contact with the wire, which in turn produces the best sliding effect.

- By strengtheing durability, remarkably was improved Ceramic's fracture.

- An Easy Lock Base, which is superior at Bonding and Debonding.

- The Height, lowered by a Low Profile, reduced foreign body sensation.

- Emphasized patient's overall comfort via Body Rounding.

- Translucent material use enabled the Bracket's superb Aesthetics.

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